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Finding Home In 2015

Happy New Year! Although I have not written a post since Thanksgiving, I have done a great deal of thinking during the past few weeks about where to go with my posts. I recently recognized that I am ready to move onto topics other than grief. Grief finally found its proper place within my psyche – it is no longer front and center, but instead has settled into a space of compelling awareness. I did not choose this path of learning – it was thrust upon me and took me totally by surprise. As I approach the 4 year anniversary of Roy’s death, I am aware that grief was a bitter learning experience and yet the experience of bitterness allowed me to see how fragile I am and also how strong I am in the fragility.

I have actively engaged in many bodies of work to reach these insights: thrice weekly psychoanalysis, bi-monthly spiritual direction, 5 days a week of intense cardiovascular exercise, daily contemplative prayer and meditation, regular participation in Landmark Education courses, and quarterly readings with an intuitive. I learned last week from my intuitive that Roy has finally arrived “home” after 3 1/2 years of journeying through multi-dimensional fields of space and time – this makes sense because Roy was a rocket scientist after all. Roy is happy in this “promised land” where he has found rest, peace, intellectual companionship, and cosmic aliveness. Since learning of Roy’s arrival to his home destination, I feel free to fully focus with new eyes on my life. Knowing Roy is safe and happy has freed my soul to move onto what is next for me in this incarnation. This liberation has allowed me to move away from grief and to move towards my work with Whispers of Wisdom® in the areas of falling in love as a mature adult, aging, physical fitness, health and sexuality, money, spirituality, and family. In the coming weeks I will be writing about these topics.

The concept of Whispers of Wisdom was born roughly 14 years ago after I attended an 8 hour Live Your Best Life Seminar with Oprah Winfrey in San Francisco. I was exulted by this experience because I had the opportunity to speak to Oprah in front of 2000 people. I acknowledged her work with women and shared that she had inspired me to create more opportunities in my work as a psychotherapist to support women in finding the call of their life. When I later talked to Roy about it, he asked me probing questions as only an intellectual property attorney could do about my passion and Oprah’s inspiration. He was curious about what was being evoked within me about following the call of vocation. I responded that through my work with clients, as well as in my personal life, I was learning that at certain times of an individual’s journey, they are very clear about what needs to be done. Yet at other times it’s hard to hear what our heart and minds or perhaps a higher source of intelligence is trying to tell us to do. I said it’s almost like a whisper at times, difficult to hear and understand, but is filled with so much awareness and wisdom. Then it hit me that we often are listening to inner ‘whispers of wisdom’. He and I both liked the sound of that phrase and Roy began the trademark application process for me. After much contemplation, thinking through, researching, and studying, The Certificate of Registration for Whispers of Wisdom was issued on January 6, 2006.HotPink-Flowers_hearts

I have designated 2015 as The Year of Integration. I will be pulling together the threads of the whispers I have heard during the past several years about vocation, being of service, living a full and happy life, and accepting responsibility for designing that kind of life. The topics I mentioned earlier are the crux of life and play a big part in how we create a meaningful life. It is imperative that we learn to decipher and hear the whispers of wisdom that come at the most unusual times and in a variety of different ways. In the weeks ahead I will share how you too can learn to decipher these ‘whispers of wisdom’.

Namaste and Thank You for taking the time to read my posts.


  1. Bravo Kathleen! it’s wonderful to read your post – you sound fabulous- and I am so happy that you have had the courage to pursue your path with the authenticity and courage to face the unknown and mysterious journey of experiencing loss and sorrow in order carve out a meaningful life. I look forward to seeing you sometime soon. Blessings and Haapy 2015 – truly a year of integration!

  2. Very clearly written, Kathleen. It appears there is a tremendous upheaval taking place in the past year or two in certain, perhaps all, people. Not just this society, either, by any means. It has been coming and going in deep waves; and for some, it appears that right now, the x-y axis is taking a flying leap downward to the right. Maybe we could call the y axis “upheaval” and the x, “freedom” — or “Integration”! Just a thought. What concerns me is that so many are in massively churning upheaval waves right now, that many — men And women — are having a very difficult (?) time with this river-run. As you put it, “hear what our heart and minds or perhaps a higher source of intelligence is trying to tell us to do” requires death of the self to attain, right? and so the war continues and there is so much pain inside while that is not seen. I may be no different, only that I seem to be drawing an Awful Lot of these folks into my environment; and it’s not for me to do anything about it, it’s just amazing to watch it happening and sure, I wish so much there were something I could do or can do. In my view, whispers of wisdom are continuous, non-ending, non-beginning. I spoke yesterday with a friend of mine in India (Arvind Patel, a physician) who writes beautifully in emails. Yesterday he said something so beautiful: “…few noises hear and there are rising and slowly fading away, among them there is constant buzzing of ear drum voices accompanying me in my journey towards my inner most quiet.” Isn’t that a lovely image. In the silence where at the early stages the ear drum noises can be parceled out, in complete silence are these whispers, right? I get to hear and see and feel so many beautiful things from people I’ve “met” such as you and my friend and then all those who are (or have been) in great pain. What’s the difference, I want to ask.

    Just some thoughts. Thanks for your post on Integration, Kathleen!

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