Pay Attention
Stay in the present moment and be aware of your surroundings. Being “in the moment” lets you know what is really happening around you and can prepare you. A moment is as important as a day when used properly.

Take Responsibility
This is your life, and no one else can live it for you. Take ownership of it. Either you get to own it, or you blame someone, or something else for it. That means no whining, or sniveling. Wallowing in self pity takes you out of the moment and allows you to abdicate responsibility and power.

Don’t Take Any Shit!
It is very bad for one’s self-esteem to take abuse. Stand up to your tyrants and your demons, both internal and external. The cost is too great not to.

Follow Through
As the Nike commercial says, “just do it”. Hard choices temper our strength and our integrity. They make the difference between a life of mediocracy and a life of excellence. Just as the heat of the flame tempers the steel blade, the tough choices and moments of life temper our spirit making us stronger in the process.

Do Not Quit!
Once you have set your goal, do not give up. Look at what stops you, at where you gave up in the effort. That is the division line in becoming a warrior or a victim. Be brave to do what is right at all times.

Keep Your Promises
A warrior is only as good as her word. The way to build self-trust and trust in others is by keeping our agreements. Be loyal to your people, your gods, and your self.

Keep Your Sense of Humor
Humor helps us to reach and stretch beyond our own limits. Humor gives us a sense of perspective about ourselves and our place in the universe.

Love One Another
We are not alone in the universe, and whether we want to admit it or not, we are more alike than different from one another. Love is a powerful tool and can achieve more valued results than all the weapons in the world. Respect your differences and learn from one another every chance you get. We live in a Global Village, and now more than ever before we have an opportunity to learn from our neighbors.

Honor Your Connection to the God and the Goddess
Whatever form of higher power you  happen to recognize or revere, offers a chance to see the “big picture”, and know that we have part in that. The universe is a big place, and we are a miracle in our existence. Never miss the chance to give thanks for the wonders of nature.

Be Self Reliant
Honor and nurture the spirit of independence in your self. Achieve what you can on your own and be proud of your accomplishments. Know when to ask for help, sometimes it takes more than one person to achieve a goal. Being too stubborn to ask for help when needed is not being self reliant, it is self defeating.