I BELIEVE …  in the presence of ANGELS

I was looking through my old journals hoping to find the details of a dream that I had shortly after Roy died. I have never forgotten this particular dream. In it, I am lying on my bed-it is nighttime. I am aware of the presence of a bright and illuminated being-he is floating above me like an angelic spirit. He has long blonde hair and blue eyes.  He leans towards me and kisses me on the lips/mouth. This was a kiss of life/revival rather than sexual in nature. Through his lips I felt a tender loving energetic force move through my body.  It was though a seed of hope was being planted in my psyche. A seed that I would tend to regularly in the months following Roy’s death.

When I awoke from the dream, I thought Roy had visited me. It’s possible that the dream image was his spirit letting me know he was close by and watching over me. At that time, a descent into the underworld was beginning and I was tormented by fear, despair and depression. In life, Roy’s presence was reaffirming and encouraging. When he died, I felt the automatic absence of his reaffirming nature. This dream was one of many I had in the first year following his death-it was as though he was attempting to communicate with me that he would be close by and watch over me like a guardian angel.  

I believe in the presence of angels and spirit guides who are dedicated to our well-being and resiliency. Since being widowed, I have been aided by many metaphysical (as in dream images), as well as human angels (in the form friends). We know when we are in the presence of angels. We can feel a deep sense of love, joy, and wonder. There is an experience that all will be well, and we place an unwavering trust in that experience.  

During the holidays, there is permission to welcome the presence of these ethereal beings in our lives. The songs and the images of the holiday season encourage us to engage with the celestial realms. 

As I conclude this year’s missives, I offer you the hope of connecting with the radiance of all the angels in your lives. These angels can arrive in many forms: your friends, your family, four legged companions, dream images, the poems you love, or the songs that bring you joy. In the presence of angels, we are inspired to reach out to life even in the darkest of times. 

May this holiday season bring you assurance of a continuing connection with your angels.  Moreover, pay attention to whether you are being “called” to be there for someone who may be struggling right now. Ask yourself, who needs me to be their angel today?